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The Selling Center of Clearwater - Largo

(727) 744-3870

The Selling Center now specializes in business inventory and overstock liquidation. Do you have slow moving inventory? Need to make room for new items or just need a new profit center? We offer a worldwide customer base of buyers on eBay!

Yes, we still take in consignment items from the general public as well!

Conveniently located at Drew St. and N. Belcher Rd. in Clearwater, Florida

Email or Call today with your list of items you wish to sell on consignment

Send your item information to:
for a quick assessment of consignment selling potential on eBay

Do you have items you need to sell?  Are you a business needing to liquidate your inventory? Do you have Estate Sale items and do not have time or experience of selling on eBay?  Have you thought about selling on eBay but just do not have the time?

If you answered YES to any of these, The Selling Center is what you have been looking for.  

We can be your personal eBay seller.

We do the eBay work so you don't have to.

Using our Top Rated Powerseller eBay ID: thesellingcenter we can safely and securely list your items on eBay for you and have millions of people view them without you doing any of the eBay work. Ebay offers a global customer base, rather than just the local market like Craigslist.  Plus, you do not have to deal with people calling your phone or coming to your home. Selling items on Craigslist is dangerous and a waste of time compared to selling them on eBay.

The Selling Center takes in most items with a selling potential of $50.00 or more. We have a high success
rate and professional reputation on eBay.

Policy Change Effective Immediately:

The Selling Center has made policy change to compete more effectively on eBay and increase sales. Going forward, I will be offering FREE SHIPPING on many items to eBay buyers. Normally I would pass that onto the buyer/bidders, but have found eBay is pushing sellers to offer free shipping. In addition, this also increases the chances of a successful sale.

Sometimes I also charge the end buyer the shipping cost, but it is handled on a case by case basis.

That cost to ship items will come out of the consignor's (client) percentage of the final sale, if the free shipping option is determined.

Our commission structure remains the same.

On 3-29-2017 Paypal fees increased, therefore paypal and eBay fees now are approx 15%

"The Selling Center sold all my excess overstock Fire Protection business inventory. Not only did they get a top price for all of it, it actually sold very quickly. I would recommend this company to any business needing to move slow selling inventory" BT, Tampa

"I had many electronic items, such as slightly outdated laptops, digital cameras and camcorders, smartphones, and a few other consumer electronic gadgets. I was surprised how quickly they sold and the price they got on eBay. It was so easy with The Selling Center, I just signed a contract, they did all the work and the check showed up in my mailbox. I am glad I called."   James, Clearwater

"I had many overstock inventory items, gathering dust in my business warehouse. I knew it would take awhile to sell it all. I contacted The Selling Center to sell these items on eBay. They sold it quick, for a good profit, freeing up space needed for new inventory, and payment is always prompt. They are great!"  Raymond St. Petersburg


Call or email us today if you have stuff you need to sell.  

We are indeed “your start to finish eBay experts”